About us

About us

Bringing worldwide access to medical excellence and biotechnological innovations.

Our history

After the implementation of 200+ healthcare projects
worldwide and in France

DENOS was set up in 2009 to improve access to the very best and latest technologies in health care and to develop personalized medicine.

DENOS group has invested in biotech and hospitals :

Creation of DENOS Health Management, a company specialised in securing access to top-level hospitals in providing engineering hospital services.

Creation of DENOS Medical Assistance, a Third Party Administrator specialized in providing states, insurance companies and expatriates or inpatriates with access to treatment in France and Europe.

Acquisition of Cyclopharma (created in 2000), a company specialized in the production and commercialization of radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis in oncology (management of 10 cyclotrons providing radioisotopes to oncology departments – PET Scans) – and for research purposes in cooperation with  with private and government research centers.

Implementation of several hospitals projects in Ivory Coast

• Creation of Zionexa, an international radiopharmaceutical company specialized in the development and commercialization of in-vivo biomarkers for targeted therapies in oncology

• Equity investment in the company Collin Medical, specialized in the development and production of robots in ENT surgery

Our management team

A team of leaders with complementary expertise
in health and life industries

Olivier Carli


• Serial entrepreneur in MedTechs and Biotechs

• 40 years of experience in innovation for  healthcare

 • Founder of several major companies such as Ideal Medical Products and Scient’X Medical

Jean-Louis Davet

Board Member and President of DENOS Medical Assistance

• Expert in insurance, data and AI for healthcare

• 15 years of experience as CEO of health insurance and healthcare groups,

• 15 years of experience as VP of strategy consultancy firms

• Board member of several international organizations dedicated to innovation, ethics and new technologies

Philippe Carli

Board Member

• Board member of Credit Mutuel and CEO of media activities

• Former President of Siemens France

• Former CEO of Amaury Group (media)

Bernard Landes

Board Member

• CEO of Zionexa

• 25 years at prime healthcare and IT global corporation

• Former General Manager of Cyclopharma

Our values


We are guided by strong ethical values based on honesty, integrity in all medical and business practices, confidentiality, respect for all cultures, religions and individuals.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Above all, privacy is about respecting individuals. Consequently, it has always been a golden rule at DENOS. For medical data and any other type of personal data, privacy is guaranteed according to the very strict European regulation.


Our company is not linked to any hospital nor group of hospitals. Our recommendations concerning hospitals, medical teams and practices are solely based on scientific surveys, science society recommendations, fact based medical criteria and our tens of years of experience and patients’ feedbacks in the global health sector.


We promote a high value personalized medicine based on a two-fold personalization. A personalization of therapies and patients’ pathways. And a personalization considering the human person in its globality, its environment and its social health determinants.


We operate across all geographical borders in order to maximize the opportunity by bringing together national healthcare systems. All our teams have strong international background and mindset, and we deal with hospitals worldwide.

Team works & Partnerships

System effectiveness is directly proportionate to the collective strength of teams and partners, open communication and mutual respect. Together, we accomplish more than with individual achievements.

Innovation & Quality

We constantly strive for quality and performance improvement and remain on the forefront of latest medical and technological developments and patient safety initiatives.

Technology & Humanity

We provide access to best in class e-health solutions, while never forgetting that technology must not offset human relation and proximity. Our care and disease management solutions are custom made according to the patient’s culture and habits, mixing human support by medical/paramedical teams and use of quality proven digital devices.


We recognize, respect and actively support differences among individuals and support the personal, professional, and organizational growth through this philosophy.

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