Access to tomorrow’s healthcare : the scope of opportunities scales up

Author : Jean-Louis Davet

In France, inequal access to healthcare, due to national aspects, is a recurrent debate which remains important for the government and institutions.

Inequalities appear also between countries due to regulation differences, costs, market access procedures, therapeutic innovations, AI, patients’ data access, … and this is why French discussions and projects for healthcare access should not only include national factors but global challenges.

If France keeps on considering its system as an isolated framework, our country could be deprived of opportunities, technical and medical innovations, access to last treatments and talents needed to guarantee high-quality health system.

Ignoring this global environment could expose to new risks of social and political instability, as mentioned in the Global Risk Report of the World Economic Forum and in the Global Trends of the National Intelligence Council, providing prospective analysis to the CIA.

Jean-Louis calls here France for taking into account those future global challenges to create durable solutions, whilst reconciling our social values, economical constraints and international ambition.

The loss of opportunity between individuals scales up, so should our ambitions for the healthcare system.

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